How will clubs respond to new Premier League streaming options?

Yesterday, this column approached Amazon’s entry into the Premier League broadcasting world from the perspective of the match-going supporter. It was a bleak affair and not without cause, but it needn't be a one-sided discussion; there are potential positives to this change and it could, in time, breed healthy developments in the game.

Primarily, those are likely to be cosmetic and related to the way football is presented. Whenever a new broadcaster enters the market, there’s always the hope of a different formula being applied. So far that hasn’t been the case. Amazon has actually put together as unimaginative a list of pundits as it was possible to construct, but their product remains in its infancy and, given the various issues relating to delivery, a reluctance to take risks elsewhere is understandable.

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Seb Stafford-Bloor is a football writer at Tifo Football and member of the Football Writers' Association. He was formerly a regularly columnist for the FourFourTwo website, covering all aspects of the game, including tactical analysis, reaction pieces, longer-term trends and critiquing the increasingly shady business of football's financial side and authorities' decision-making.