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Quiz! Can you name the last 50 English scorers in the Premier League?

Jamie Vardy

For those who complain that the English clubs are no longer really ‘English’, and instead a melting pot of international stars, the break must come as a blessed relief. Each team is clearly demarcated by the players’ homelands (or their parents’ homelands, or grandparents’, or where they grew up, or where they’ve lived for a few years). The essence of simplicity.

English players, however, remain pretty prominent in the Premier League – if you look closely.

At FourFourTwo, we can’t be bothered looking closely. So we just looked at the goalscorers instead.

This is what we came up with: the last 50 English players to score in the Premier League. Clues include the team they scored for, their position, and who they scored against – listed by most to least recent. Own goals don’t count, and each player is only listed once.

There’s eight minutes on the clock for you. Don’t forget to tweet your score to @FourFourTwo for an uplifting Monday retweet, and tag a friend to challenge.


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