Quiz! Can you name all 34 Nordic players to have scored 10+ Premier League goals?

Gylfi Sigurdsson

Do you know know your -sens from your -ssons? Time to test it...

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Gylfi Sigurdsson put away two goals against Cardiff on Tuesday to extend an impressive season at Goodison, despite Everton’s other problems.

He’s far from the first Nordic player to enjoy success in the top flight, though – some of the first imports to flourish in the early days of the Premier League were from the lands of thick-knit jumpers and moody crime dramas.

In fact, since 1992, 34 players from Nordic countries – that’s Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland – have netted at least 10 Premier League goals. (The one Faroe Islander to make a Premier League appearance, Manchester City goalkeeper Gunnar Nielsen, sadly did not score.)

Our challenge for you today is to name all 34. We’ve put 10 minutes on the clock for you to get them, from Manchester United’s goal-machine to a dependable Fulham centre-half. See how many you can name – or how quickly you can get them all – and send a screenshot to @FourFourTwo for your chance of getting on our daily leaderboard. Lykke til!

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