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Now TV Sky Sports sale: Watching the rest of the Premier League season just got cheaper

Sky Sports, Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool, and Pep Guardiola, Man City
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Premier League broadcast rights may be split across a number of platforms these days, but Sky Sports remains the big dog for British-based football fans.

As well as having more games than anyone else, it also gets first pick of the weekend fixtures, meaning it generally gets the biggest games.

But shelling out for Sky TV can take its toll on the wallet – with multi-year contracts particularly intimidating.

That's why Now TV's no-contract online passes are so handy: you can pay for it when you want it (or can afford it), and then cancel it at any time.

It's certainly not super cheap – the usual price is £33.99 a month – but you can watch it on a laptop, tablet, phone, Now TV Stick, Amazon Fire Stick, YouView box... the list goes on.

And until February 8, the month pass is £8.99 cheaper than usual – more than 25% – and costs just £25 a month. The new lower cost will last for four months, covering the end of season, after which it will auto-renew at £33.99 a month.

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So what would you get for that?

Over the next month, Sky Sports is broadcasting some of the biggest Premier League games of the season, including Arsenal vs Manchester United (January 30), Manchester City vs Liverpool (February 7) and Chelsea vs Manchester United (February 28). Even if you just watched those three games, it would still be cheaper than buying a Now TV day pass for each, which cost £9.99.

Overall, in February, Sky Sports is showing 13 Premier League games (plus seven over the last weekend of January if you're quick) and over 30 matches total – including the EFL and Scottish Premiership.

GET IT HERE Buy an on-sale Now TV Sky Sports month pass for £25 until February 8

It's worth bearing in mind, however, that BT Sport has a full round of midweek Premier League games in the first week of February and exclusive rights to show the Champions League, which returns for the knockout stages on February 16. A BT Sport monthly pass also costs £25 – and you can get one here.


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