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Quiz! Can you name the holders of these 50 Premier League records?

Premier League
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12 minutes on the clock, 50 players to guess - obviously some players do share records, but we won't make you guess every holder. Just one will suffice. 

Remember to tweet your scores @FourFourTwo and share with your mates.

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Back in 1992, football was invented. So as the third decade of the greatest league on Earth nears its end, it becomes natural to think of how far it's come. 

The first ten years were characterised by Sir Alex establishing his dynasty among challenges from North London and Lancashire; the second decade by the rise of the billionaires; the third has been a twisting, transition decade where the Big Six has been established and subsequently challenged.

Who knows what the 2020s will hold? Perhaps a new club will rule supreme come the Prem's 40th birthday. Perhaps we're in for more promoted clubs joining the elite table. Maybe we'll see a Big Eight, Big Ten or perhaps Sir Alex Ferguson will come back to management and sweep the next 10 titles.

Here's to the future of the Premier League - today, however, we'd just like you to list the players who hold records of days gone by. 


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