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FourFourTwo's 100 Best Football Stadiums in the World


FourFourTwo's inaugural rundown of the finest football stadiums in the world brings you the 100 most must-visit destinations. Chosen in conjunction with our worldwide web of expert writers (and fans), it presents a century of super stadiums we'd all love to go to.

The list will be revealed over the course of the week. Below is an easy-access guide to the full gamut of #FFT100Stadiums content - and feel free to have your say on TwitterFacebookGoogle+ and Instagram.

The list

100-91 • 90-81 • 80-71 • 70-61 • 60-51 • 50-41 • 40-31 • 30-21 20-11 • 10 9 8 7 6 • 5 4 3 2 1

The features

How we chose the list

A brief history of football grounds, by Simon Inglis

The greatest stadiums that never were

Who the hell is Santiago Bernabeu? Named stadiums explained

QUIZ How many of our 100 have you visited?

Archibald Leitch: the man who invented the football stadium

The world's biggest stadiums

QUIZ Higher or lower? Take our stadium capacity quiz

• How to build a football stadium, by those who did

• The 11 weirdest stadium names 

In memoriam: Britain's great lost grounds 

QUIZ Name that stadium

Coming soon: The new stadiums being built and planned

The most beautiful grounds in the world

• GALLERY 9 of the best from the '90s

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