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World Cup 2022: Who has qualified for the tournament?

World Cup 2022
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The 2022 World Cup is set for the winter - and it's in the next few months that nations will be booking their place at the tournament.

2022 marks the last tournament in which 32 teams will make the competition with 2026's edition - to be held in Canada, Mexico and the United States - to feature an increase of 16 more countries, to bring the participation number up to 48.

Qatar, naturally, qualify for the 2022 edition as hosts and will do so as the smallest country in size to have ever staged a World Cup. The next smallest, Switzerland, hosted the 1954 World Cup and is three times larger than Qatar. 

The holders of the World Cup no longer automatically qualify for the tournament, either. This is a custom of the Champions League but it has not been the case for the World Cup ever since FIFA eradicated it in 2002. 

Nations who have qualified for the 2022 World Cup so far:

  • Qatar

Aside from host nation Qatar, no side is yet to qualify for the 2022 World Cup. The allocation of qualification slots remains the same as the 2018 edition of the tournament and is as follows: 

  • CAF (Africa): 5 nations
  • AFC (Asia): 4.5 nations (not including host nation)*
  • UEFA (Europe): 13 nations
  • CONCACAF (North and Central America and Caribbean): 3.5* 
  • OFC (Oceania): 0.5 nations*
  • CONMEBOL (South America): 4.5 nations*

*In the case of half-slot allocation, play-offs are contested between teams from different confederations.