Pires: Tense and electric atmosphere at Villa

PARIS - Aston Villa winger Robert Pires complained on Friday of being relegated to the bench and said there was a "tense and electric" atmosphere in the 18th-placed Premier League club's dressing room.

Pires told French radio RMC that coach Gerard Houllier's methods were not easily accepted by some of the team. "With certain players, it is tense and electric", Pires said.

"Not with the whole group but with some, yes. Houllier (brought) a new culture, another way of working. When you have a certain routine and everything is suddenly changed, it is not easy to accept.

"And what's more, we don't win. It's complicated for everyone. And I arrived in the middle of all of this." Pires, 37, joined Aston Villa on a free transfer in November, but has failed to make an impact.

"It's not easy," he said. "I am on the bench and I cannot help the team because I'm not playing. I don't have Gerard Houiller's trust. I don't understand and I think I will go talk to him."

"Yet, I am doing a lot of efforts. I keep working. Even if I am a little disappointed, because I want to play and help my mates. It is frustrating."

Aston Villa currently lie in the relegation zone after only five wins from 21 Premier League matches.