Fergie fears idea of retirement

Retirement after 22 years as Manchester United manager is a scary prospect, Alex Ferguson said.

"Now, I am scared to think about retirement," Ferguson said in an interview published in L'Equipe magazine on Saturday. "I have been on the train for so long that I am afraid my whole body might collapse when I get off.

"When I was about to be 60, I wondered (if I had to retire). I came close to quitting. But I soon realised, and my family did as well, that it was a mistake," the 67-year-old said.

"I have decided not to ask myself the question any more... I am in the penalty shootout of my career. I know that."

Ferguson, who steered United to European Cup victory in 1999, almost retired in 2002 but changed his mind and went on to win the Champions League again last year with a side regarded by many as better than the 1999 vintage.